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IT engineering

Meteodyn develops tailor made software to optimize projects including Renewables.

fiole-orange IT engineering Wind alert systems (ports, roads, bridges): maps for real time wind monitoring and forecast. Site depending parameterization.


fiole-verte IT engineering Wind production forecasting system: power production forecast of a wind farm on request (0-6 h / 0-72 h / 1-7 days).
fiole-verte IT engineering Meteodyn develops custom distributed and collaborative software plateform including Meteodyn Renewables expertise. Hosted on a private or public cloud, this solution based on the most up to date technologies provides greater productivity. Indeed,  users can manage the whole steps of a wind or PV project in the same environement.


R&D – Innovation

Meteodyn is continuously innovating and collaborating with the more advanced academic or industrial expert teams.

  • SWIP Project

    From October 2013 to January 2017

    The SWIP Project (New innovative solutions, components and tools for the integration of wind energy in urban and peri-urban areas) aims to expand the market for small and medium size wind turbines in Europe.

    The European Union has decided to increase its renewable energy use to 20% of the total energy by 2020 and wind energy is a key component of this target. However, small wind turbines remain an underused technology despite their great potential, as several barriers currently stand in the way of their uptake.

    SWIP purpose is to develop, implement and test innovative solutions to remove these barriers, reduce maintenance costs and improve performance. The team project work on a new methodology for wind resource assessment in urban areas, a low-cost electrical generator, new blade design and a Superviroy Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System to improve operation & maintenance. Such measures should help to reduce investment costs and increase the attractiveness of small wind turbines.

    The project purpose is also to analyze structural and aesthetic impact, explore noise, vibration and safety issues, and study social awareness and acceptance criteria. To test the developed solutions, 3 pilot demonstrations will take place in Spain and Poland sites.

    SWIP is co-financed by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Innovation and is co-ordinated by CIRCE (Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption – Spain). 13 members from 10 EU states are part of the project consortium: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

    SWIP-Logo SWIP Project


    More details on the project and all the partners:

  • ENVIE program

     From January 2011 to July 2013:  

    ENVIE project is funded by FEDER (UE) and OSEO.The purpose is to create 3D models of cities with environmental and economic information to help public players in their decision-making.

    Read the publication: “A framework to produce urban data at large scale” – 3U3D Conference – Nantes, France – 2012


    SIRADEL provides 3D model of the cities and thermal losses maps. Siradel brings together all information in the final models.
    METEODYN provides indicators about wind and solar resource, pedestrian climatic comfort
    MGDIS brings social and economic data thanks to his knowledge of INSEE or SIRENE database.
    CERMA (laboratory of the School of Architecture, Nantes), analyses lighting and urban atmospherelogo_250ProjetEnvie120 ENVIE program    SIRADEL-LOGO-QUADRI-120-120 ENVIE programlogo_en ENVIE program
       Logo_Mgdis ENVIE programlogo-cerma ENVIE program
  • ISERE program “Integration of the atmospheric stability in the wind Resource assessment”

    June 2008 – february 2011:

    This project has been financed by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) with Maïa Eolis as a partner. The purpose is the automatic integration of the atmospheric stability in wind resource assessment.

  • IRCAD Program

    December 2004 – january 2009:

    This project has been funded by the French Ministry for Transports, with INRETS, LCPC and the Côtes d’Armor Region as partners. The purpose is to improve road traffic information in case of bad atmospheric conditions. 

  • WEATHER Program

    October 2004 – june 2007 : 

    Meteodyn was the pilot of this project, funded by UE, with the following partners: Atmos, E.M.I, Nubila, Geonica, Lecicena, Campbell Scientific, Alstom Transport, and Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Politecnico di Milano. The purpose is to set-up wind alert system for road and rail networks.
    Researchs were based on vehicles aerodynamics, wind flow modelling, very short term wind forecast, risk analysis, wind alert systems. Read more


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