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Conference on climate data Reanalysis
From 13 November 2017 to 17 November 2017

Publish at 20/10/2017 Conferences

5th International Conference on climate data Reanalysis in Rome

In recent years, climate research has benefited from the development of Reanalysis. Indeed, reanalysis datasets are more diverse (atmosphere, ocean and land components), complete and detailled. As a result evaluation and inter-comparison of data are more and more used.

Through this conference, attendees aim to assess the progress of Reanalysis, to monitor climate changes and help decision makers to develop adaptation policies and provide more climate data sources.


Meteodyn will present a poster on climate data reanalysis applied to wind resource assessment

The poster is untitled “Inter-comparison of ERA-interim, MERRA, NNRP reanalysis and GFS-ANL analysis data for wind resource assessment across India”.

Reanalysis data is extensively used in Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) to produce long-term correction series of measured wind data. A long-term correction series is necessary to reduce the uncertainties in the short-term wind observation data. Good data is key to good WRA and to predict accurate wind energy production of a site. The goal of this study is to compare the wind speed modelled by  MERRA, ERAI, NNRP reanalysis and FNL analysis data sets with observations accross 10 stations in India over the 2010-2016 period.

More information about the event : here

meteodynWT56-visualization1-1024x576 Conference on climate data Reanalysis

meteodyn WT6, the software for wind modelling and wind resource assessment by METEODYN