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FREE DEMO The CFD software for wind modelling  in urban areas, or any built environments. UrbaWind - Pedestrian wind comfort is dedicated to local authorities, architects, developers, urban planners, designers, landscapers. It determines the areas of possible wind discomfort to make outdoor spaces more pleasant and safer for its users. UrbaWind - Natural Ventilation  is intended for architects, builders, developers. It estimates and optimizes natural ventilation of buildings and evaluates the indoor comfort and air quality. UrbaWindEnergy module is designed for developers and manufacturers of small wind projects, consultants, installers and developers. It allows to validate the potential of a site and the location of wind turbines, to optimize the production and lifetime of machinery. UrbaSun for full climatic studies including wind and solar energy : watch the tutorial and contact us for a demo ! System Requirements: OS: XP - Windows 10 RAM : mini 8Gb / recommended 16 Gb Processor : mini 2 GHz Multiprocessors : Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits Graphical card: Mini 256 Mb / recommended 512 Mb