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Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Coupling Conference
From 25 January 2017 to 27 January 2017

Publish at 15/12/2016 Conferences
Improve maintenance planning - Meteodyn Forecast system

Meteodyn will attend the Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Coupling 2017 Conference in Amsterdam – Netherlands.

European energy industry leaders will share about energy market trends, new technologies and the best ways to improve electricity price forecasting and market coupling.

Indeed, to optimize bids and energy market trading, improve maintenance planning, prevent congestion and curtailment and enhance power security systems: you must choose the most precise and customizable forecast solution.

You need intra-day, day ahead and long term forecasting on local and regional basis. Forecast also needs to be continuously updated.

Meteodyn Forecast is the wind production forecast system developped by engineers and researchers from Meteodyn.

Meteodyn, speaker at the conference

Cyrille Vezza, business development engineer – expert in renewable energy, will present Meteodyn forecast system

A forecast model tailored to your needs

  • The main variables
  • A dedicated Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Predict the big weather deviations


Conference information and venue CLIC HERE