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Assess solar irradiance in urban areas

In addition to wind data analysis provided by UrbaWind, UrbaSun software provides solar irradiance data analysis in urban areas. UrbaSun is intended for architects, urban design engineers, environmental and renewables energy consultants.

With UrbaSun you may carry out pedestrian comfort studies, building thermal performance studies or solar energy potential studies for urban PV systems.

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 Solar irradiance assessment in urban areas …

  • Average or real-time solar irradiance mapping
  • Solar exposure frequencies mapping
  • Maps and data files available over large areas (several km)
  • Computation over any kind of surfaces (ground, facades, roofs, PV panels)


in combination with UrbaWind for comprehensive climatic studies

  • Wind and solar urban climatic studies
  • Urbawind project files can be read in UrbaSun
  • Common maps of UrbaWind and UrbaSun


Solar-exposure-frequencies-300x165 Urbasun

Solar-frequencies-300x165 Urbasun meteodyn-solar-energy-cities-300x124 Urbasun


  • Easy urban project management thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Projects 3D visualization
  • Numerical models import into universal STL file format
  • Climatic data-reading of solar radiation from the Energy+ (EPW) database
  • Computing time optimization (buildings selection, various filter presets)
  • Export of results (statistics or time-series)
  • High-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their projects


√ Pedestrian comfort studies

Carry out pedestrian comfort studies in outdoor spaces in addition to wind data analysis provided by UrbaWind.

√ Building thermal studies

Carry out building thermal performance studies to assess absorption of solar radiation on the outter surface of the envelope and compute solar gains.

√ Solar resource studies

Carry out solar energy potential studies to assess electricity production from photovoltaic panels.


Licensing option:

  • additionnal UrbaWind module in perpetual version

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UrbaSun is compatible with commonly used CAD software.

System requirements:

OS: Windows 10
RAM: mini 8 Gb / recommended 16 Gb
Processor: mini 2 GHz
Multiprocessors: Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits
Graphical card: Mini 256 Mo / recommended 512 Mo

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