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Meteodyn to study the micro climate of the OG sailing lake
the 10 June 2016

Publish at 10/05/2016 Conferences

Meteodyn brings its modelling tools and expertise to the ENVSN (French institute of water sports). Indeed, we study the coastal micro climate and wind conditions over the lake where will take place sailing races of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

The French University of Nantes organizes a scientific congress with a symposium dedicated to “Innovation, transfert and use of Research in sport. Contribution of Research to civil society and industrial interests needs”. On this occasion, Paul Iachkine and Bertrand Dumortier from the FFV (French sailing federation) will make a presentation about the study of the OG lake : approaches and tools to help our athletes in achieving best-ever performances at Rio.

If you want to attend this symposium, visite the Nantes University website.

Meteodyn develops wind flow modelling software to analyse climate conditions and wind safety of infrastructures, equipments over any kind of sites whatever they can be dedicated to transports, leisures…