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METEODYN WT 6 is available!
the 2 July 2018

Publish at 09/07/2018 Software programs

We are pleased to announce the release of Meteodyn WT 6.

Watch the Meteodyn WT 6 video here 

Meteodyn-WT-3D-with-Mesh-1024x607 METEODYN WT 6 is available!

Meteodyn WT 6 :3D visualization of a terrain showing roughness data, the mesh used for CFD calculations and the mean speed results in Meteodyn WT 6.

Improvements and new features of Meteodyn WT6:

New interface

All projects are available for display in a world map which includes terrain and roughness data. Therefore, you may work on different projects at the same time.

New collaborative mode

Distant teamwork is now simplified by the collaborative mode. A common database (remote or otherwise) is set up and all users around the world have access to the shared files, which means they can work on the same projects without file transfers!

New wind farm layout optimization module

Automatic optimization for the ideal placement of wind turbines in a wind farm to maximize production and optimize the production of each turbine. You may customize this module by defining exclusion zones, types of wind turbines, minimum distance between turbines, minimum and maximum number of wind turbines.

New Flowres CFD export format

With the addition of this export, Meteodyn WT is now compatible with all the most important wind energy software.

New automatic pdf report

Examine the summary of your project conveniently.

Improved management of geographic, weather and wind files

Integrated databases allow simple importing and management of all data (meteorological, terrain, roughness and types of wind turbines data).

Improvement of the “CFD” module thanks to the parallel solver

Our exclusive Migal solver is now able to perform parallelized CFD calculations. As a result, it is now possible to apply multiple computer processor cores on a CFD calculation to dramatically increase computation speed.

Improvement to the Synthesis module

It is now possible to add meso zones after having completed the CFD calculations.
The results are detailed and are directly accessible on the software, it is no longer necessary to export them.

CFD mesh visualization

At the request of our users, it is now possible to display the CFD mesh on 2D and 3D maps.


Want to know more? Watch the Meteodyn WT6 video here or contact us at