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Natural air ventilation for green building

What is it?

Natural air ventilation is the process of letting the air flow inside the building to avoid relying entirely on mechanical systems. To take advantage of the wind as a driving force or an element of the buildings ventilation for its refreshment or the indoor air renewal can reduce substantially the energy consumption and the size of the mechanical ventilation system.



You can refresh buildings with a natural ventilation system and design bio-climatic, passive and high performance buildings.
It’s environmentally friendly, healthy (thanks to the improved air quality), profitable and reduces the maintenance of all the mechanical systems.

Urbawind-windpressure-example-300x235 Natural air ventilation for green building

UrbaWind wind induced pressure example

The solution is a numerical simulation with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

URBAWIND is a wind flow modelling software especially developed for buildings in urban areas.

Natural ventilation potential depends on topography, ground roughness and nearby buildings. A quantitative approach is necessary.

→ Computation of all wind characteristics: mean speed, wind directions, turbulence, etc.

→ Contemplation of the site characteristics (topography, roughness and vegetation).

→ Accurate CFD computations for any architectural structure.

→ 3D wind visualization.

→ Display of all the information the user needs in a clear and user-friendly interface.


Meteodyn consulting services

Energy performance of buildings in urban area – Green building design


Mapping of natural air ventilation potential

The pressure field around buildings is analyzed to assess natural air ventilation potential depending on prevailing wind direction(s).


Air exchange rate computation to optimize indoor thermal comfort

Air exchange rates and air flow are quantified taking into account the natural air ventilation assessment of the site. Buildings geometries, orientation, windows, openings and location are all contemplated.

Mapping of solar radiation fluxes on building walls

Assessment of solar gain on glazed surfaces, on facades or roofs provides the necessary input data to compute the thermal balance for low energy consumption and passive buildings.

Meteodyn assists in your passive cooling building design to improve the indoor thermal comfort. We study local climatology and energy potential combined with the architectural design and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) design.

Solar-irradiance-Meteodyn-300x173 Natural air ventilation for green building

Solar irradiance