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28 February 2019 : WEBINAR – Wind comfort standards across the world

Publish at 2019/02/26 Webinar
Les normes de confort au vent à travers le monde, intégrées dans UrbaWind 3.0

There are different wind comfort standards across the world. A wrong criterion choice can drastically change your analysis. Therefore, it is essential to use the appropriate norm in your computation. That’s why we’ve integrated a repository of wind comfort standards across the world in UrbaWind new version. A real time saver! Several improvements have also been made. Just click… […]

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From 16 November 2018 to 29 November 2018 : WEBINAR – CFD wind simulation for urban planning design

Publish at 2018/11/16 Events, Other news, Webinar

WEBINAR: CFD wind simulation for urban planning design Free registration   November 29th, 2018 10am or 5pm Join us for a 30 minutes webinar REGISTER HERE   Design an urban area can be challenging, especially when it comes to making it sustainable… To do so, local wind conditions around buildings and aerodynamic interactions must be assessed. The CFD (computational […]

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2 October 2018 : Meteodyn helps ports everyday through a real time wind monitoring application

Publish at 2018/10/09 Software programs

    A REAL-TIME WIND VISUALIZATION SYSTEM FOR THE HAVRE-FÉCAMP PORT Since the wind is a determining factor in ship maneuvering, having access to real time and forecasted wind conditions is a huge advantage for captains and port operators both for economical and safety reasons. In August 2018, the magazine Mer et Marine interviewed the president of […]

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2 July 2018 : METEODYN WT 6 is available!

Publish at 2018/07/09 Software programs

We are pleased to announce the release of Meteodyn WT 6. Watch the Meteodyn WT 6 video here  Meteodyn WT 6 :3D visualization of a terrain showing roughness data, the mesh used for CFD calculations and the mean speed results in Meteodyn WT 6. Improvements and new features of Meteodyn WT6: New interface All projects […]

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