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Pedestrian wind and sun comfort

Solar-frequencies-300x165 Pedestrian wind and sun comfort

What is it?

Pedestrian wind and sun comfort is the study of the urban outdoor climate, which includes wind speed, wind direction, radiation and daylight. It is useful for architects, engineers, urban planners, landscapers and city authorities to know local wind characteristics and their effects to design comfortable and safe urban environments.


The presence of a building changes the micro-climate in its vicinity. These changes depend on the shape, size, orientation of the building, the interaction of the building with the surrounding buildings and other obstacles. Unfavorable changes include increased wind speeds around the building leading to uncomfortable or even dangerous conditions for pedestrians.

Solution: numerical simulation with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

URBAWIND is a wind flow modeling software especially developed for urban areas. It determines possible areas of wind discomfort to make safe and comfortable urban environments around buildings.

→ Computation of all wind characteristics: mean speed, wind directions, turbulence, etc.
→ Contemplation of the environment (topography, roughness and vegetation).
→ Accurate CFD computations for any architectural structure.
→ 3D wind visualization.
→ Wind energy assessment.
→ Display of all the information the user needs in a clear and user-friendly interface.

Today the accuracy and reliability of CFD simulations is evident.

URBASUN is a solar irradiance assessment software especially developed for urban areas. It allows to run comprehensive climatic urban design studies.

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Meteodyn consulting services

Wind and sun comfort studies consist of combining statistical meteorological data, aerodynamic information and a comfort criterion. It aims to identify if wind conditions will be acceptable and take the appropriate wind control measures if necessary.

Urban micro climate assessment

Urban wind flow simulation is possible in even in the most complex sites using UrbaWind.

Wind mapping, pedestrian comfort and solar energy

Using local climate data, CFD tools give an accurate assessment of pedestrian comfort (wind, temperature, shadow, etc.). Furthermore, discomfort areas or high risk areas for pedestrians or two-wheeled vehicles are located. UrbaWind, uses regional wind statistics to evaluate the local climatology inside the master plan, computes the frequency of wind gusts, and produces seasonal or yearly maps of wind or solar characteristics.

Porte-de-l-Europe-Confort-pieton Pedestrian wind and sun comfort

Pedestrian wind comfort assessment in urban area

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Pedestrian wind comfort study: terrace at tall building