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Building and city planning consulting services

Pedestrian wind/sun comfort in urban areas

Urban micro climate assessment

Urban wind flow simulation on any site to assess aerodynamics effects induced by buildings. We accurately calculate wind speed, direction and turbulence. Solar irradiance and exposure frequencies are also calculated.

Pedestrian comfort

From local climate data, UrbaWind and UrbaSun give an accurate assessment of pedestrian comfort. Discomfort areas, high risk areas for pedestrians or for two-wheeled vehicles are located. Recommendations are made to reduce the size of discomfort areas.

Building’s energy performance in urban area

Mapping of natural air ventilation potential

Pressure field around buildings is analyzed to assess natural air ventilation potential depending on prevailing wind directions.

Air exchange rate computation to optimize indoor thermal comfort

Air exchange rates and air flow are quantified taking into account natural air ventilation potential assessment of the site, orientation and openings location of buildings.

Mapping of solar radiation fluxes on buildings walls – Solar gains

Assessment of solar gains on glazed surfaces, façades or roofs provides the necessary input data to the thermal balance of low energy and passive buildings in eco-districts.

Energy yield assessment in urban area

Production assessment of wind / solar energy

Meteodyn provides wind/solar potential maps of the desired area from data collected at weather stations.

Optimization of wind turbines and photovoltaic panel layout

We provide the most optimized layout.

Wind assessment on photovoltaic panels

Wind pressure on panels and their cooling by wind are considered to ensure structural stability and production optimization.

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