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Renewable energies consulting services

Data acquisition

Evaluation of potential areas – wind atlas

Wind mapping (mean speed, energy density, Weibull parameters, turbulence, wake effects…) – Regional wind atlas –Wind resource maps.

Wind measurement campaign

Wind computations on site allow optimizing met mast siting and correcting measurements including Lidar ones in complex terrains.

Energy yield assessment – Wind and solar energy

MCP and meteorological data analysis

Meteodyn extrapolates to a long-term period (in general 10 years) wind measurements made on the site during a short period of time (in general 1 year).

Wind assessment over complex terrains – CFD modelling

Meteodyn computes wind or solar resources over any kind of terrains: mountains, forests, ridges….

Wake effects and production assessment

Wake effects between wind turbines are calculated to estimate constraints, turbine lifespan and production losses. Considering production losses and uncertainties, we estimate energy production.

Interaction wind farms / photovoltaic farms

From panel’s geometry and lay-out, Meteodyn identifies the impact of the panel’s project on wind flow and offers the best location for wind turbines – and vice versa.

Energy assessment in urban area – small wind and urban PV systems

Meteodyn takes into account terrain effects (topography and roughness) as well as building effects to assess wind/solar potential and energy production.

Profitability and feasibility of project

Site turbine suitability – IEC criteria evaluation

Meteodyn analyzes the site/turbines suitability IEC – 61400 1 standards. From these results, Meteodyn helps you to select the adequate wind turbine class for an optimal operating.

Optimization of turbines/panels layout

According to the site topography, wake effects and turbine constraints, Meteodyn computes the best location of turbines or panels in solar plants to increase their energy yield.

Extreme wind analysis on site

Available storm data on a long period are extrapolated at each turbine to calculate the 50-year return wind speeds at each wind turbine hub height

Creation of bankable reports

Meteo data analysis, MCP, power curves (P90, P75), turbulence analysis, Bank certificate, « due diligence ».

Wind and solar power forecast

Very short term forecasting (0-4h)

This combined use of statistical and physical modelling methods integrates on-site real-time measurements as well as mesoscale forecasts to optimize very short-term forecasting.

Short term forecasting (0-5 days)

Forecasting mesoscale data are processed and transferred with our CFD model to the site and combined with statistical correction. Thus, we get for the entire park but also for each turbine, wind power forecasting with consideration of air density, atmospheric stabilities learnt from mesoscale data and wake effects.

Automatic Neural Network using SCADA data

Operations and maintenance

Scada post assessment tool

Meteodyn Research and Innovation Team has developped a complete tool to monitor your windfarm:

  • Wind turbine statistics parameters calculation:
    Real production, production losses, capacity factor, daily average production, daily average wind speed, time-based availability, energy-based availability.
  • Wind farm statistics parameters calculation:
    Real production, production losses, daily average wind speed, time-based availability, energy-based availability.
  • Smart detection of wind turbine operation state:
    Normal, curtailment, stop, under production, over production, measurement failure based on wind speed and output power.
  • Power Curve Estimation:
    Estimate the SCADA Power Curve of wind turbine based on normal operation state.
  • Power Curve Correction:
    Correct the SCADA Power Curve following the equation of IEC standard.
  • Manufacturer Power Curve comparison:
    Compare the estimated power curves to the manufacturer power curve (import format WTG).
  • Time Series Zooming of operation points
  • Real Production and Reachable Production comparison for wind turbine/wind farm:
    Monthly view and cumulative view for the whole park or for each wind turbine
  • Performance Analysis Tool:
    Analyze the variation of power curve with different wind turbines, months or directions
  • Turbine Comparison Tool:
    Comparison of one selected parameter between any two turbines
  • Cross Data Tool:
    Analyze of the relation between any two parameters of wind turbine, with the 3rd parameter as color indicator. Points selection, cross relation analysis.


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