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Wind energy – Meteodyn at Japan Wind Expo
From 1 March 2017 to 3 March 2017

Publish at 24/01/2017 Exhibition

Wind energy market is expanding in Japan

Following the strong anti-nuclear mobilization that followed the March 2011 accident, the Japanese government decided to phase out nuclear power. To compensate gradual shutdown of power stations, Japan wants to reduce its energy consumption by at least 10% and increase renewable energies in electricity production to 30% within 30 years.

Japan’s wind power capacity is expected to grow threefold as the two leading developers invest 10 of billions of yen in new installations. To achieve its target for reducing green-house gas emissions, the government wants to raise renewable energies sources, excluding hydropower, from 3% of Japan’s total electricity output to 15% by 2030.

Wind is a very efficient source of power in Japan. Wind turbines can be placed offshore as well as onshore. They are not subject to the same location limits as geothermal power plants, and they do not need woodchips or any other fuel used by biomass-burning facilities.

Meteodyn is attending the Wind Expo at Tokyo

Meteodyn co-exhibit with the American company Chava Wind, an urban small wind turbines developer. To meet the demand, meteodyn will present its solutions to:

  • Compute the wind potential and assess wind farm site suitability in complex terrain as well as in urban areas
  • Forecast energy production to optimize market energy tarding deals
  • Analyse wind production in real time to better manage wind farm O&M

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