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What are the wind safety issues?


During a thunderstorm high winds – or also called extreme winds – can appear. Significant wind damage can occur with high wind speeds. Indeed, high winds can blow objects around, buildings or equipment can scratch down or be weakened, transports accidents can happen. It’s a significant threat to people safety. Computing and understanding the wind and its effects can help to minimize the wind induced risks.


Multiple fields of application

High speed train safety

In a cross wind environment, you have to identify speed limit control (wind alert system) along the lines and set up the appropriate protection strategies (wind breaks, embankments…)

Wind-safety-of-High-Speed-Trains- WIND SAFETY ISSUES

Wind safety of High Speed Trains

Ports and cargo ship wind safety

Influence of wind on nautical and terminal operations / equipment can be reduced.

Safe navigation for vessels involves monitoring wind conditions to ports. Real-time and forecast wind monitoring allows securing docking and improving cargo handling.

Aerial cableways wind safety

The maximum acceptable wind speeds in operation is defined and a wind alert system can be set up.

Wind safety of building envelope

You may pay close attention to building design. It must be wind-resistant. When wind interacts with a building, wind pressures occur. Wind loads are influenced by ground roughness, the vicinity of a building, the shape and height of building. Obstacles, natural or not, cause wind speed-up.

Wind-pressure-on-a-building WIND SAFETY ISSUES

Wind pressure on a building

Pedestrian wind safety

You can know local wind characteristics and their effects on pedestrians to determine if wind conditions are acceptable or not. In large scale urban development with tall buildings, numerous infrastructures, it’s essential.

Wind safety of civil engineering structures

Examples: bridges, airports, tall buildings, stadium or large span roof structures, any large complex structures with arches and pylons …

In Europe, you must comply with Eurocodes standards to make your construction resistant to extreme winds. Construction design must be appropriate to wind actions (speed-up, turbulence, wind shear…) and the type of environment.

Wind-simulation-on-a-bridge-deck- WIND SAFETY ISSUES

Wind simulation on a bridge deck

Wind safety of tower cranes and scaffold

According to wind monitoring data, you have to determine the maximum wind speed at which the tower crane must be taken out of service. Nearby buildings and topography can have a very significant influence on wind speeds. You can be informed that limit speed is reached with wind alert system.

Safety of workers and pedestrians depends on these wind studies.

Wind-safety-of-tower-cranes-on-construction-site WIND SAFETY ISSUES

Wind safety of tower cranes on construction site

Amusement park wind safety

It’s crucial to choose the best and safer location for the park but also for attractions inside (depending their size, structures, material, inflatables….).Wind speed have to be controlled to ensure pedestrian safety.

Outdoor events, festivals and sporting events

Knowing better wind conditions can help make decision for the best lay out of equipment (tents, steel infrastructures…) and participants’ safety.


The solution: wind flow simulation

Wind-flow-simulation- WIND SAFETY ISSUES

Wind flow simulation

Wind flow simulation is realized with CFD based software to:

  • Determine wind mean speed
  • Define wind directions and characteristics
  • Assess wind potential – wind maps
  • Locate wind speed up and wind effects on a site
  • Visualize how your design will interact with the wind

You can recreate the climatology of a given site with:

  • Weather data and statistics (wind speed with a 50-year mean recurrence interval)
  • Topography and roughness data
  • Any kind of obstacles on the site
  • All shapes of buildings – even the most complex


Meteodyn consulting services

Wind modelling study

Wind climate analysis

Wind load analysis

Pedestrian wind comfort and safety analysis

Cross-wind analysis

Façade pressure analysis

Eurocode study

Building and structure design optimization

Wind alert system

Real time wind monitoring

Forecast wind system


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