Module d'optimisation de Meteodyn WT


Our CFD software determine the best location for wind turbines in a site to generate the maximum annual energy production while complying with the IEC 61400 – 1 standard. Our optimization module considers the results of the synthesis module. That is, turbulence intensity, wind shear, incidence angle, deflection angle and wind speed.

Customize your optimization process with a range of settings

Exclusion zones:

  • Import a Shape file from your GIS software to define areas where wind turbines are not desired. Quickly view these exclusion zones with the Meteodyn interactive map.
  • Define the distance between each wind turbine or let the software decide by means of an elliptical exclusion area.

Wind turbines:

  • Define a minimum and / or maximum number of wind turbines to place in the farm.
  • Choose between different types of wind turbines from the integrated database.
  • Fix the position of one or more wind turbines within the farm.

The optimization module of Meteodyn WT can also allow you to improve an existing layout by importing it either in text format (.txt) or from the Synthesis module.

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