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RT Windmap

The harbor’s wind supervision tool in real or forecasted time

The wind safety optimization software for ports

RT Windmap has been designed to aid operators for a safe and optimal ship maneuvering within the harbor. Optimizing therefore port operations thanks to real-time or forecast monitoring of wind conditions.

The software accurately computes wind speed and direction over a defined area in the harbor and offshore, with a horizontal resolution of 10 to 50 meters. The wind conditions in the harbor are estimated using:

  • Weather forecast
  • On-site measurements
  • The calculation of the influence of nearby buildings and local topography (relief, roughness...)

RT Windmap is the combination of 4 skills in the same software:

  • The wind computation in complex terrain and urban areas,
  • The artificial Intelligence and machine learning dedicated to wind forecasting,
  • The management of high-capacity databases for wind data,
  • The creation of web and mobile applications.

Possible applications


Today, container ships reach up to 400 meters, making them vulnerable to side winds.

Strong winds may complicate ship maneuverability and towing, sometimes creating costly.

RT Windmap gives you access to real-time or forecasted wind conditions.

  • Decide :

    Determine the ship's ability to enter or leave the port, thanks to the accurate data on local wind conditions.
  • Secure :

    Avoid incidents thanks to the mobile application that helps pilots cope with winds during port maneuvers.
  • Save :

    Optimize your costs by determining the number of tugboats required.
  • Protect :

    Preserve coastal ecosystems by minimizing incidents.


During handling, the risks associated with exposed lifting equipment must be eliminated. Slinging planification depends on the wind conditions and makes it complex, as some ships get stuck at the dock during strong winds.

RT Windmap allows you to precisely visualize the wind in the port, up to 48 hours, and to organize the planning accordingly.

  • Decide :

    Effortlessly plan activities that depend on wind conditions thanks to the forecast data delivered.
  • Secure :

    Avoid incidents with the mobile application that alerts handlers in case of strong winds, in order to interrupt the slinging of a ship.
  • Save :

    Increase productivity by optimizing the scheduling of tasks and human resources required for their execution.
  • Protect :

    Improve the working conditions and minimize incidents.



A custom tool designed according to your needs

The application is custom-developed for your port.
We integrate the local effects of the site (topography, buildings, vegetation, etc.) to increase the wind maps accuracy (real or forecast time).

Wherever possible, we use the wind measurement points already present in the harbor to increase the accuracy of very short-term forecasts.



On land or at sea, the application is usable anywhere. Whether on a PC, smartphone or tablet, the tool is completely responsive and will adapt to all your screens, according to your uses.


Assistance with installation and follow-up by our team

Our team assists you in the installation and the learning of the application, hosted at your place or on the Cloud.
We remain available to answer your questions.

CFD simulation wind in port with RT Windmap

Data storage for the replay of events

Forecasts and past measurements are stored so that you can replay specific events.
This function is particularly useful if you have a navigation simulator to train your pilots for a particular scenario.


Continued developments and updates

We are continuously optimizing our services and applications to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies.

When your needs evolve, we can also develop new functionalities on demand.


High availability of data delivery

Weather forecasts can be refreshed up to the minute.

This allows you to monitor the wind in real time.

To know


We host the application for you, on your servers, or on the Cloud.

This way, it is immediately operational.