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Model and optimize

Every project is unique. Our industry experts can assist you in each of your business areas to meet your specific needs.

We digitally model wind flows, solar irradiance, and meteorological variables, then analyze the resulting data to optimize your energy and architectural projects.

From Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to meso-micro-scale coupling, our cutting-edge technologies and expertise ensure high accuracy, speed, and refinement, regardless of your project’s complexity (topography, location, dimensions).


High precision computations

On any type of terrain and structure, from neighborhood scale to regional or national scale, our expertise ensures highly detailed computations.

Using CFD technology and meso-micro-scale coupling, we can accurately simulate the interaction of wind or solar radiation with terrain topography and other meteorological parameters, providing a deep understanding of environmental conditions.

For example, we deliver wind atlases and other wind maps, analyze urban comfort, assess the power line temperature, optimize power plant layout, and compute the annual energy production of onshore, offshore, and urban wind farms.

Wind modeling

Annual energy production (AEP) computation

Power plant layout optimization

Solar irradiance modeling

Power line temperature assessment


White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

From the general characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer to the impact of thermal effects and stability on turbulence, passing through the Monin-Obukhov’s similarity theory, this white paper covers all the knowledge needed for the atmospheric boundary layer modeling.

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