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Size and secure

Using our expertise in numerical wind simulation, we can size your structures and secure your projects against the risks of high winds.

Our tailor-made studies can ensure the proper wind resistance of your structures and buildings, or define protective measures for your railway tracks.


Secure your projects against high winds

We model the wind and assess its local characteristics over your entire project. We estimate the 50-year return period wind loads on your structures to assess the risks associated with high winds and storms, and we identify site effects on your construction sites. We define appropriate protections to ensure the resilience and longevity of your project.

We ensure wind safety for railroad tracks, cranes, and quantify wind loads on your buildings, lightweight structures, and solar power plants.

Wind load design of photovoltaic power plants
Tower Cranes:

Site specific effects expertise

Reference Wind Speed Estimation
Railway Crosswind Safety


White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

From the general characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer to the impact of thermal effects and stability on turbulence, passing through the Monin-Obukhov’s similarity theory, this white paper covers all the knowledge needed for the atmospheric boundary layer modeling.

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