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Solar photovoltaic

Discover our services dedicated to the design and operation of solar power plants.

Whether you want to design your floating and land-based solar farms to withstand strong winds or forecast their energy production, we have solutions tailored to your needs.


Wind load design

studies for solar parks, both ground mounted and floating

20+ years

of weather forecasting and modeling expertise

Meso, CFD, AI

for accurate modeling of wind, its effects, and meteorological variables.


of all sizes, on all types of terrain, even complex ones.

Sustainable and profitable solar farms

As experts in applied meteorology, we assist you in the wind design of your photovoltaic plant in order to reduce its total costs (investment and operating costs), whether your solar panels are ground-mounted or floating.

Our climatology and machine learning experts offer customized solutions to optimize the operation of your solar park, using accurate and reliable production forecasts.

Solutions for Developers

Solutions for Operators

Design robust solar farms

Our wind safety studies advise on the sizing of your photovoltaic projects: ground-mounted, floating, with or without solar trackers.

We estimate the 50-year return period wind loads using our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools. Our goal is to accurately estimate the forces exerted on your structures during extreme wind events so that you can design robust and optimized solutions for your solar panels and/or anchors.

Our solutions for developers

Design resilient and durable solar farms to ensure long-term secured operation.

Wind load design of photovoltaic power plants

Secure your ground-mounted or floating PV project with our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and local wind modeling.

Operate Optimized Solar Parks

Monitoring the current and future performance of solar farms is essential to maximize their production, optimize their profitability, and ensure their sustainability.

As solar farms are sensitive to climatic variations such as clouds, storms or seasonal variations, forecasts allows operators to anticipate these fluctuations and take proactive measures to mitigate their impact on energy production and optimize the use of resources, particularly by adjusting the maintenance and management of storage batteries according to forecasts.

Our solutions for operators

Manage solar parks intelligently and optimize their operation with the power of data.

Solar Power Production Forecasts

Accurate and reliable solar power production forecasts: intra-day, one day ahead, one week ahead, mid-term, long-term. High delivery availability: up to 4 times per hour.


Conference: Improve wind farms performance

Conference: Improve wind farms performance

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