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Prepare and measure

We provide reliable and accurate wind data to support your projects.

We conduct comprehensive wind measurement campaigns or provide mesoscale wind data. We can help you optimize the positioning of your measurement devices and correct your Lidar and Sodar data. You thus benefit from a solid foundation of clean and accurate data to make informed decisions.


Worldwide, onshore and offshore accurate wind data.

Collecting accurate data is the key to a successful project. Whether it’s measured or modeled data, Meteodyn provides you with accurate wind data for your projects, regardless of their geographic location.

Our wind measurement campaign service optimizes the positioning of your measuring instruments and collects and analyzes onshore and offshore wind data. We can also correct measured data from Lidar and Sodar.

In the absence of measurement data, our accurate virtual met mast service provides high-resolution time series worldwide for your onshore and/or offshore projects. It enables long-term correlations and meso-micro-scale coupling simulations, facilitating decision making for the initiation of a measurement campaign.

Onshore and offshore

wind measurement campaigns

Virtual Met Mast &
Mesoscale Data Supply


White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

White paper: Atmospheric boundary layer modelling

From the general characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer to the impact of thermal effects and stability on turbulence, passing through the Monin-Obukhov’s similarity theory, this white paper covers all the knowledge needed for the atmospheric boundary layer modeling.

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