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RT Windmap

RT Windmap is a real-time and forecast port wind monitoring application. A true decision support tool, the application secures ship maneuvers and port handling operations by optimizing their organization based on forecast wind conditions.

The application for optimizing port navigation based on wind conditions

RT Windmap provides real-time or forecast wind maps within the harbor and up to 8 nautical miles offshore. The application accurately displays wind direction and speed with a horizontal resolution of 10 to 50 meters, covering a time scale from minutes to several days. 

Tailor-made for each port, the application incorporates local aerodynamic effects caused by topography, buildings and vegetation into its calculations and combines them with meteorological forecasts to produce highly accurate wind maps.

The wind conditions in the port are estimated with:

• Weather forecasts
• On-site measurements
• Computation of building and local topography effects
• Integration of a self-learning statistical model

The RT Windmap application is the winner of the 2021 Port of the Future Trophy.

Organize and secure port operations in windy conditions



Determine the possibility of boats entering or leaving the harbor with accurate local wind data.

Use forecast data to easily plan handling activities based on wind conditions.



Avoid incidents with the mobile application that helps pilots account for winds, identify hazards, and efficiently plan navigation routes during port maneuvers.

RT Windmap also alerts handlers in the event of high winds, prompting them to suspend handling operations.




Minimize your costs by determining the number of tugboats needed to move ships in and out of the harbor.

Increase productivity by staying informed about wind conditions and ensure a smooth workflow by optimizing the scheduling of handling tasks and the required human resources.



Avoid incidents that could pollute the water and preserve coastal ecosystems.

Ensure the safety of vessels, freight and staff.

Improve handlers’ working conditions and minimize incidents.


Designed to meet your needs

The application is tailor-made for your port. We integrate local site effects (terrain, buildings, vegetation, etc.) to improve the accuracy of wind maps (real-time or forecast).

Whenever possible, we use existing wind measurement points in the harbor to improve the accuracy of very short-term forecasts.

Available on multiple devices

On land or at sea, the application can be used wherever you are. Whether on a PC, smartphone or tablet, the tool is fully responsive and adapts to all your screens.

Data storage that enables replay of event scenarios

Past forecasts and measurements are stored so you can replay specific events. This feature is especially useful if you have a navigation simulator to train your pilots for specific situations.

Dedicated team to assist with setup and ongoing support

Our team can help you install and deploy the application, either locally or in the cloud. We remain available to answer any questions you may have.

High availability of data delivery.

The weather forecast updates are available up to the minute.

This allows you to monitor the wind in real time.


The goal is to have reliable indications for the harbor area and up to 8 nautical miles (15 km) offshore.

Fine-tuning wind forecasts is not only a means of securing vessels, but also a way of adjusting port operations, including towing and handling. Thanks to this system, we can also record a weather phenomenon and reproduce it on our simulator.

Gilles Lanfranchi, President of the Pilots of the Grand Maritime Port of Le Havre-Fécamp

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