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About us

Meteodyn is the Wind Engineering, Meteorology and Climatology Expert. 

We innovate with and for our customers. Our expertise, knowledge, and technologies are continuously integrated into our software and services to stay at the forefront of innovation.

A technical or scientific challenge? We support you in your projects and develop tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

Our solutions share a common goal: to help build a sustainable, cleaner, and safer future.


Who are we?

Founded in 2003, Meteodyn is an international company specializing in digital wind engineering, climatology, and meteorology.

For the past 20 years, we have been supporting and guiding our clients in building a sustainable, cleaner, and safer future.

Initially focused on the development of wind flow modeling software, we now offer 7 software solutions and a wide range of more than 20 services dedicated to renewable energy, buildings, transportation, power grids, and climate change adaptation.

In 2021, we joined the CLS Group, with over 900 employees in 30 locations worldwide, strengthening our international presence.

+20 years

of expertise in wind, weather, and climate calculation and forecasting.


subsidiaries in China, India, and the United States.

7 software and +20 services

available worldwide.

Our expertise and technologies

If our simulations, forecasts, and projections are so accurate, it is because we have mastered a variety of cutting-edge technologies:

CFD: Simulations based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) take into account environmental effects such as topography, obstacles, and structures at all scales. This technology allows us to adapt the modeling to any type of terrain, even complex ones (mountainous, forested, urban, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence: AI and machine learning, combined with physical modeling and weather forecasting, allow us to provide high-performance forecasts. Meteodyn has developed its own artificial neural networks, with algorithms that incorporate variations to address the specificities of our different business sectors.

Mesoscale-Microscale Coupling: This technology allows accurate assessment and modeling of wind characteristics on large sites. It represents local wind-climate features while including regional effects. Our coupling model WRF-MeteodynWT (RANS) achieved a wind speed bias of less than 1% (-0.55%) in the ALEX17 benchmark, in less than 2 hours of computation.

Our business sectors

Onshore and offshore wind

Solar and photovoltaic

Buildings and Infrastructure

Transportation and Networks

Climate Change

environment and climate

Powerful and profitable wind farms

We leverage our expertise in wind, climatology, CFD, and satellite technology to design highly accurate and reliable software and services.

Our solutions for wind farm developers and operators cover the entire project lifecycle, from finding the optimal wind site to analyzing operational wind farms.

Our comprehensive and rigorous approach maximizes the efficiency and profitability of wind projects, whether onshore or offshore.


environment and climate

Sustainable and profitable solar farms

Whether you want to design your floating and land-based solar farms to withstand strong winds or forecast their energy production, we have solutions tailored to your needs.

Our experts in climatology and machine learning offer tailor-made solutions to optimize the design and operation of your photovoltaic power plants.


environment and climate

Safe structures, efficient buildings, sustainable cities

We model the effects of wind flow and solar radiation on structures and in the urban master plan to mitigate risks and ensure worker safety, provide comfortable spaces, and improve building energy efficiency.

Our expertise in CFD simulation and local climatology optimizes your architectural and urban planning projects in accordance with current building or comfort standards.

Explore our solutions dedicated to the wind safety, comfort, energy production, and climate change adaptation of buildings and infrastructure.

environment and climate

Secured public routes and infrastructures

Modeling wind and climate variables provides significant benefits to the port and rail transportation sectors, as well as the high-voltage power grid sector.

By providing an accurate understanding of meteorological conditions, it makes it possible to anticipate and minimize the risks associated with high winds, storms, and extreme weather conditions.

Our customized software and services ensure the wind safety of ships and trains and contribute to the stability of the high-voltage power grid.

environment and climate

Prediction and local adaptation to climate risks

Climate change is now a tangible reality within territories, as evidenced by extreme weather events in recent years (floods, heat waves, droughts, wildfires, etc.). These phenomena have a significant impact on critical issues such as water resources, crops, biodiversity, and human quality of life.

To ensure resilience in the face of climate change, territories need to transform. Based on the IPCC's RCP/SSP climate scenarios, we offer a range of solutions to support local authorities and other territorial stakeholders in identifying local climate change risks and defining mitigation and adaptation measures.

Our CSR Commitments and the CLS Group

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Over 95% of our activities at the CLS Group level are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The CLS Group is committed to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Green IT

We have launched an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of our digital activities, including optimizing and reducing the number of servers, consolidating processes on virtual machines, hosting the website on a green server, and donating unused equipment to charity or recycling it through certified organizations.

Renewable Energy

We actively support the development of renewable energy through our wind and photovoltaic activities.

We have also signed a renewable energy contract to power our headquarters.

In addition, our headquarters are certified as “Very Efficient” according to the NF-HQE standard and are equipped with solar panels.

Carbon footprint

We monitor our greenhouse gas emissions with the assistance of our partner, GreenFlex, and are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also contribute to reforestation efforts by partnering with independent organizations. In 2023, we planted 289 trees in partnership with Reforest’Action and raised awareness of the causes of climate change among 81% of our headquarters employees through a Climate Fresk workshop.

CLS Group with your Worldwide

CLS employs 900 people at our headquarters in Toulouse, France, and in 30 locations around the world.

CLS Group worldwide presence

CLS, a Commited Company

  • The United Nations has set out 17 goals to help save our planet.
  • CLS contributes to 17 of them.
  • We are proud to say that over 95% of our activities are directly related to achieving these sustainable development goals.
UN Sustainable Development Goals