Meteodyn RTM

Meteodyn RTM is a web application for the monitoring and management of renewable energy production units. The application provides real-time SCADA data from energy systems to the operator or manager.

Real-time monitoring application for energy assets

The application is designed to easily connect to multiple data sources, providing a real-time flow of information from all deployed energy systems. Data can be viewed and analyzed in real time through a variety of dashboards and widgets that can be configured to meet your needs.

Meteodyn RTM is a true data management platform that allows the aggregation of compartmentalized information that normally does not communicate with each other. Simply connect the software to the energy assets using the manufacturers’ SCADA connection protocols (OPC XML DA, etc.) to integrate the data.

Meteodyn RTM is designed to monitor all types of renewable energy production and storage systems.



Customizable visualization

Pre-configuration of customizable dashboards to meet your specific needs:

  • Display hundreds of indicators to access all information
  • Customizable interactive widgets
  • Real-time data updating

Alert system

Real-time tracking of incidents through the logbook:

  • Custom alert creation
  • Event tracking logbook
  • Filters to investigate alert recurrence or status

Maintenance management

Intuitive timeline task management interface:

  • Creation of customizable tasks
  • Assignment to appropriate individuals
  • Global monitoring to limit production losses


Highly intuitive and easy to install

The tool provides a positive user experience with its intuitive graphical interface. Operating in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, RTM is accessible on any device and through any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). Its onboarding is quick and efficient.

Meteodyn RTM is a lightweight and user-friendly asset management and administration system.

Unlike other applications on the market that require significant technical support for daily use, RTM is a tool that customers can install and configure themselves. Getting started is quick and easy.

The web application is accessible through any internet browsers and on any device. As a progressive web application (PWA), it can also be added to the home screens of smartphones and tablets, just like any app from a store. A desktop version for computers is also available.

Customizable dashboards

Meteodyn experts have developed dashboards tailored for 3D monitoring and analysis of various parameters.

Thanks to the predefined widget system, dashboards can be easily modified and customized to meet all your needs (data type, display positioning, chart formatting, etc.).

Interconnection with Meteodyn APM software suite

Meteodyn RTM is part of the Meteodyn APM software suite dedicated to the monitoring and management of renewable energy assets.

The RTM software works in synergy with Meteodyn WPA and Meteodyn Forecast.


Expanded storage

Ability to store up to 25 years of data (the entire life of the wind farm) for future analysis.


Rights administration

The application has a user rights management tool that controls access to RTM. Administrators can edit specific permissions, delete accounts, and edit information.

Easy imports

Ability to import manufacturer’s power curves (normal or clamping).


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