Asset Performance Management

The Meteodyn APM software suite has been designed for Asset Managers and Operators of renewable energy production plants.

Meteodyn APM is composed of 3 software allowing you to visualize and manage in real time the production of your power plants, but also to analyze with precision and expertise the past and future performance.
The goal is to improve the return on investment of your assets.

Multi-energy, the suite makes it possible to manage the assets of multiple energy sources: wind, solar, hydraulic, or any other.

Meteodyn APM is composed of:

WPA  In-depth wind farm and turbines past performances processing and analysis.

RTM  Renewable power plants real-time monitoring.

Forecast  Wind and solar power generation forecasting.



Software that works in synergy

picto-universe-1Regardless of the Meteodyn APM software used, the SCADA data is automatically imported and shared with all three software of the suite.

The solution is adaptable to many environments