Meteodyn Wpa

The Wind farm Performance Analysis software

Diagnoses and evaluates the performance of wind farms

Meteodyn WPA monitors the performance of wind farms. The software automatically analyzes the SCADA data of wind turbines, then presents the data on graphs or on combined indicators, making it simpler for the data to be analyzed in depth.

The software automatically detects and classifies the operating status of wind turbines into different categories without the use of the turbine status indicators. This function makes it possible to evaluate the real power curve of the wind turbines on the actual site and compare it with the manufacturer's one. The power curves obtained can then be analyzed over time using the data crossing tool. This makes it possible to detect a loss of energy production, analyze failures of wind turbines and diagnose the underperformance.

Meteodyn WPA will facilitate the evaluation of downtime and energy loss caused by breakdowns, electrical grid controls or maintenance operations.



Exploit and analyze

The computation of statistical parameters from wind turbines and wind farms

  • Real, daily average and production loss
  • Capacity factor
  • Average wind speed
  • Availability based on the running time or on the production

 The detection of the operating status of a wind turbine

  •  Normal, curtailment, stop, underproduction, overproduction and measurement error.

The fault analysis function

  • Measurement error and turbine failure for each turbine
  • Reliability indicators: MTTR, MTTF, MTBF

Refine and compare

  • Power curve measurement and comparison with the manufacturer's power curve (WTG format import).

  • Comparison of actual and potential production of wind turbines and wind farms for a monthly view and cumulative view of the entire farm or for each wind turbine.

  • Zoom inside the time series.

Compliance with standards

  • Correct the SCADA power curve using meteorological data according to the IEC 61400-12-1 standard.



An independent and powerful tool to manage large amounts of data

Meteodyn WPA is not restricted to a particular manufacturer of wind turbines. It can cope with all brands and all wind turbines, given that it requires a small number of measured variables. The software does not use the wind turbine status indicators, or its error codes generated by manufacturers. It only requires the raw SCADA data from the wind turbines in a time series with at least wind speed, direction, and production measurements.


An accurate analysis through data crossing

The software analyses the relation between any three parameters of a wind turbine.

It is also possible to select time laps for a more precise analysis.


Offline use

The software works offline. To analyze the data, the software does not require a constant connection to the SCADA database. The imported SCADA data remains available, as it is stored in your database.


An intuitive software interface

Monitor the state of operation of your wind farms through the world map visualization. All your projects come together on a single map, simplifying the control of your wind farms.


Import with ease

Import with ease meteorological data, regardless of its source: meteorological mast, mesoscale, meteorological station, etc.

Integrated geographical data

  • Orography

SRTM 90m corrected ; SRTM 30m.

  • Roughness

CLC 100m_2006 ; NLCD 30m_2006 ; NLCD 30m_2011 ; ESA 300m_2010.


Team collaboration simplified

Perform teamwork simply with a remote access to a common database for all users. Work on the same projects without ever having to transfer files between users.


Extended project support

Benefit from scientific expertise and in-depth analysis of your projects. Our team of experts is here to help you through consulting services.

HPC Version

The HPC version allows you to optimize your computer resources by using an external high performance server. Additionally, it provides a better security for your data, as an external storage limits the risks.


Computer operating system: Windows 8.1 or 10, Windows Server 2016 or 2019.
Contact the sales department for more information about the minimum hardware requirements.