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Meteodyn was created in 2003. Since then, Meteodyn has expanded its expertise worldwide with technical partnerships and distributors around the world.

Meteodyn develops CFD wind modelling software and provides climatological and energy studies.

Our consulting services are focused on the resource assessment and optimization of wind and solar sites, wind safety, sustainable construction and city planning.

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We model wind using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to bring proper solutions to each project.

Our exclusive solver for wind modeling works over any kind of terrain (mountainous, forested or urban with any kind of obstacles).

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  • Import of your meteorological and topographical in any standard format
  • Full resolution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
  • Exclusive Meteodyn solver
  • Automatic mesh generation with grid refinement on key locations
  • Automatic generation of boundary conditions
  • Forest models
  • Contemplation of thermal stability
  • Computation of mean speed, turbulence, wake effects, vertical speed in any direction
  • Climatological database of wind statistics
  • User friendly graphical interface and virtual reality visualization

Software, consulting services and IT engineering



  • Wind energy: wind farm development and optimization, wind resource assessment
  • Solar energy: photovoltaic plant development and optimization, solar resource assessment
  • O&M: production forecast, forecasting systems



  • Urban planning: climate assessment, pedestrian comfort and safety (wind, solar irradiance….)
  • Architecture: bioclimatic and passive buildings design – natural air ventilation, solar gains – green building
  • Renewables use in urban areas : wind and solar resource assessment – small wind and urban PV systems



  • Civil engineering and construction: wind design, Eurocode 1 standards, wind stability of cranes on construction sites
  • Transports and infrastructures (rails, roads, ports): wind characterization on itineraries, real time wind mapping and wind safety of vehicles and  infrastructures
  • Leisure and sporting areas : wind safety in public areas and during events

A team of 30 developers, engineers, researchers, renewable energy and CFD experts to meet your requirements

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  • Development that takes into account your changing business
  • Frequent updates
  • Responsive, quality service support available all over the world
  • More ergonomic and intuitive graphical interface
  • Software training courses
  • Skilled engineers and experts to carry out your studies
  • Researchers and scientists to run R&D programs

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