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Estimate full wind characteristics

The CFD software to assess the wind characteristics over any kind of terrain (vegetation, complex terrain, etc.). TopoWind is dedicated to building owners, consultants, quality control offices, planners or transportation operators. TopoWind transfers wind measurements (generally from weather stations) to any construction site, road or rail itineraries, electrical network lines, etc.

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An accurate and full assessment of wind characteristics

  • Statistical distribution of wind speed and direction.
  • Wind inflow angle.
  • Turbulence intensity.
  • Vertical wind profile.
  • Peak wind speed (Gust coefficient).
  • Wind rose and Weibull distributions at any point.
  • Statistical treatment of times series.


Multiple applications

  • Calculations of roughness and orography coefficients as defined in Eurocode 1 (Wind actions on structures).
  • Extreme wind speed computation (50 year period) for equipment and transports wind safety.
  • Wind climatology of any site for any type of project.


  • Meteodyn’s exclusive solver.
  • Accurate CFD computation on any kind of terrain, including the most complex.
  • Automatic splitting of large sites into smaller domains.
  • Speed of calculation unrivaled thanks to the MIGAL solver.
  • High-quality support ensured by our experts to help our clients at each step of their project.
  • Easy project management thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface.


Multiple computer processor cores 
2, 4, or 63 processors. You can run multiple calculations simultaneously and reduce your computation time from 2 to 8 depending the configuration.


Licensing options:

  • Annual license
  • Perpetual license
  • Trial license

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TopoWind  is compatible with commonly used data sets for topography (DEM) and meteorology (times series, statistical tables).

 System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
RAM: mini 8 Gb / recommended 16 Gb
Processor: mini 2 GHz
Multiprocessors: Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits
Graphical card: Mini 256 Mb / recommended 512 Mb

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