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Meteodyn WT

The CFD wind resource assessment software

The flow modeling wind energy software for annual energy production (AEP) evaluation, site suitability, turbine layout optimization, energy production optimization, maintenance costs and turbine lifespan validation. Meteodyn WT is the only wind energy software to contemplate the atmospheric thermal stability in the CFD calculations.

Meteodyn WT uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to more accurately estimate the real wind in any type of terrain. It performs data analysis to achieve an accurate wind resource assessment by taking into account measured wind data or mesoscale data and topographical data.

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Import meteorological data or mesoscale data

  • Import measured wind and temperature data from a measurement tower. The software will automatically determine the thermal stability class from temperature measurements.
  • Import measured LIDAR data and use the LIDAR data correction option to adjust the data to the corresponding terrain.
  • Import mesoscale data to contemplate the atmospheric thermal effects directly from the imported data or to create large sites.

An accurate and full assessment of

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wind inflow angle
  • Ambient turbulence intensity
  • Vertical wind profile
  • Energy density
  • Wind shear

Achieve the most profitable wind farms

  • Wind farm production and losses assessment
  • Automatic correction of turbine power curves considering air density
  • Use multiple met masts for a single calculation
  • Computation of production uncertainties
  • Outputs are fully consistent with the IEC 61400
  • Full integration of mesoscale data into microscale computations
  • Automatic split-up of large sites into smaller sections

micro-scale-flows-WT-300x189 Meteodyn WT


Cartographie-du-vent-meteodyn-WT-300x222 Meteodyn WT

Wind mapping

Energy-production-example-300x225 Meteodyn WT

Wind energy production assessment


  • The atmospheric thermal stability is contemplated in the calculations.
  • The computation of Annual Energy Production (AEP) is based on the Rotor Equivalent Wind Speed (REWS).
  • Uses Meteodyn’s EXCLUSIVE solver.
  • Wind modelling in any type of terrain, including the most complex (mountains and forests).
  • Only solver dedicated to the atmospheric boundary layer.
  • Calculation over very large domains.
  • Speed of calculations unrivaled thanks to the MIGAL solver.
  • Easy project management thanks to our simple graphical interface.
  • Worldwide high-quality support: technical and scientific support team to assist you in your projects.
  • Continuous research and development program to meet the users’ needs.
  • Meteodyn WT exports to the following wind energy software formats: .wrg, .rsf, .wrb, .fmv and Flowres.
  • Short and very short-term production forecast thanks to the coupling of Meteodyn WT and Meteodyn Forecast.



Multicore: 2, 4, 8 or 63 cores

Run 2, 4, or 8 simultaneous computations thanks to the multicore option or use your whole computing power with the 63-core option.
The software checks the available memory and optimizes the computing process.

→ Reduces the calculation time

Lidar data post conversion

Lidars measure the radial component of the speed. A conversion is necessary in complex terrain to consider the vertical component of the wind speed.

→ Improve Lidar data reliability in complex terrains to reduce your uncertainties
→ Optimize wind resource assessment
Lidar data post conversion

Wind atlas

Automatically split larger sites into sub-domains and integrate meso-scale data easily.

→ Obtain a wind mapping over large areas (states, regions or countries)

Project support services

Benefit from our scientific experts.

→ Have a deeper analysis of your projects.

Cloud version

This upgrade optimizes your computation capabilities and the use of your server. This way, you can run a very large number of simultaneous computations, without geographical constrains (offices in several countries).

→ Centralize all your computations
→ Optimize the use of your server

Meteodyn Forecast

Determine in very short term (0-4h) or short term (up to 7 days) the wind farm production considering meso-scale forecast data and SCADA data. This option requires the Meteodyn Forecast software.

→ Comply with grid operators
→ Improve your maintenance plan

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Meteodyn WT is compatible with all the standard software and geographical data formats used in the wind energy industry.

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows 8 or 10, Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 or 2016
RAM: 16 GB
Processor: 2 GHz
Multiprocessor: Dual core / 64-bit computing recommended
Graphical card: 512 MB

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