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RT Windmap

Monitor wind conditions in real time

The software to monitor real time and forecasted wind conditions over a whole area: port areas, leisure or amusement parks, sporting areas, etc.

Using local wind speed coefficients and local meteorological data (on-site measurements, meteorological forecast subscription, etc.) RT Windmap extrapolates wind data on the interest zone to build-up mappings adapted to control and operation criteria.

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One software for multiple applications

  • Inform users to ensure safe ship navigation.
  • Optimize traffic management on bridges and highways.
  • Improve safety and comfort inside amusement parks and sports centers.
  • Plan operations (both human and machine) on works sites.
  • Handle emergency situations like forest fires, accidental pollution, etc.


 A user-friendly interface

  • Acquire wind data and the calculated moving average over 10 minutes.
  • Wind speed and direction displayed at each grid point.
  • Dynamic zooming.
  • Continual management of alert thresholds.
  • Instantaneous switch from real-time to forecast mode.
  • Automatic calibration of short term forecast (0-6 h) using real time measurements.


The monitoring tool

  • Site audit, anemometers correction and layout optimization.
  • Computation of topographical, roughness and building effects on wind speed coefficients.
  • Observe the wind field maps on the user interface.
  • Software installation possible on local or remote network.
  • Access real-time data of on-site measurement sensors.
  • Define wind alarm thresholds.



cartographie-vent-Temps-réel-300x231 RT Windmap

RTWindmap_GPM1-300x193 RT Windmap  visualisation-vent-port-300x231 RT Windmap



  • Software customized according to specific needs.
  • Complete offer includes consulting services and software.
  • High quality support ensured by a team of experts to help you set up the software and analyze results.
  • Includes updates and developments.
  • Additional services for analyzing protection strategies.


  • Upgrade from the real-time mode to forecasting mode and acquire mesoscale forecast data.
  • Export of maps on smartphones or tablets.


Licensing options:

  • Offer audit/installation/parameterizing
  • Annual or perpetual license
  • Custom developments

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System Requirements:

OS: XP- Windows 10
RAM: mini 4 Gb / recommended 8 Gb
Processor: mini 2GHz
Multiprocessor: Mini dual core / recommended 64 bits

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