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What is wind resource assessment?

Wind resource assessment such as that performed by using Meteodyn WT, is the process to estimate the future energy production of a wind farm. Accurate wind resource assessment is essential to develop successful wind farms. Wind resource assessment is crucial in the project planning because it assures investors and bankers that the project is feasible and profitable. A bankable wind resource is a key factor in getting the wind farm built.

Energy-production-example-300x225 What is wind resource assessment?

Wind energy production assessment

Wind flow modeling

Wind flow modeling software has the objective of estimating the energy production of a proposed or existing wind farm. Meteodyn WT uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to more accurately estimate the real wind in any terrain type. It performs data analysis to achieve an accurate wind resource assessment.

CFD-wind-computation-300x171 What is wind resource assessment?

CFD wind modelling over complex terrain

Wind farm modeling

Wind farm modeling software aims to simulate the energy production of a proposed or existing wind farm. The software takes into account wind data, orography, terrain roughness, wind turbine specifications and environmental obstacles to design a wind farm that maximizes energy production while taking restrictions and construction constraints into account.

Wind-farm-layout-optimization-meteodyn_WT-300x300 What is wind resource assessment?

Wind farm layout optimization

Our solutions

Meteodyn develops wind flow modelling software to extrapolate wind speeds across a site and compute wind resource even in the most complex terrains (mountains, forests, ridges, seas, lakes, etc). Contemplating onsite anemometers, meteorological towers, statistics and local wind characteristics, Meteodyn computes wind resource and wind farm production using the most accurate CFD wind resource assessment software.
Meteodyn assists you to make the right decisions concerning your wind farm projects: wind resource, site adequacy, wind turbine layout optimization, wind power forecast, operation and maintenance.

Caract--risation-vent-meteodyn-300x288 What is wind resource assessment?

Wind characterization

  • Evaluation of potential areas creating wind resource maps and wind atlas.
  • Energy yield assessment.
  • Annual energy production contemplating wake effects.
  • Profitability and feasibility of project.
  • Turbine location suitability to comply with IEC criteria (61400 1 standards).
  • Turbine layout optimization.
  • On site extreme wind analysis.
  • Wind shear calculations.
  • Wind characteristics.
  • Wind design and potential studies in urban areas with Urbawind.


We perform wind resource assessment using data analysis and modeling with Meteodyn WT. Moreover, we help you to interpret the information from your wind resource assessment report.