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Meteodyn PV

Assess solar resource and design efficient PV systems

The PV software to assess solar resource and produce automatically the best PV panel configuration to maximize energy production. Meteodyn PV is a professional software program developed for large-scale solar projects (solar plants, industrial sites, etc.)

Meteodyn PV analyzes site suitability and layout design to optimize production taking into account all shadows.


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The PV software for solar resource assessment…

  • Computation over any kinds of terrains and roofs
  • Site suitability analysis – solar farm resource assessment
  • Calculation over very large domains, the largest solar farms
  • Assessment for all types of panels and equipments


 … and efficient PV system design

  • Solar farm production and losses assessment
  • Detailed shading computation on panels and all possible obstacles
  • Analysis of the best panels layout design
3d-300x179 Meteodyn PV meteodyn_pv-300x147 Meteodyn PV windplant-PV11-300x163 Meteodyn PV


  • Professionnal software developed for the largest solar farms
  • Integrated database (module, meteo, inverter, topography)
  • Meteo data analysis tool
  • Automatic creation of domains
  • STL and SketchUp files import
  • Time-series export
  • Easy project management thanks to a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Worldwide high-quality support: technical and scientific experts to assist you in your projects


 A comprehensive offer for a tailor-made solar project solution

Solar power forecast

We provide energy production forecast data of operating solar farms:

  • 6 to 48 hours forecasts
  • 30 min to 6 hours forecasts
  • 5 to 30 min forecasts

→ Meet the needs of power grid operators
→ Reduce cost maintenance of solar power plants

Project support services

Benefit from a scientific expertise and deeper analysis on your projects. Our experts are available to help you.


Licensing options:

  • Premium version
  • Standard version
  • Start-up version

Feel free to ask us for more information by filling out our contact form.

meteodyn PV is compatible with all the standard software and geographical data formats used in the solar energy industry.

System requirement:

OS: Windows 10
RAM: mini 8 GB
Processor: mini 2 GHz
Multiprocessors: Mini dual core / recommended 64-bit computing
Graphical card: recommended 512 MB

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