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Workshop ibero-america urban wind resource assessment

Join us at the REGEDIS workshop organized by CYTED

REGEDIS is a CYTED Thematic Network that aims to coordinate several research groups and companies belonging to 13 Ibero-American countries to facilitate the development of distributed wind systems (both isolated and integrated into the network electricity) in urban, suburban, and rural environments, for residential, commercial, and industrial use, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The REGEDIS Workshop on Urban Wind Resource Assessment will be held online on November 29 and 30. Meteodyn will intervene on the 30th.

Meteodyn to present a case study

At 2:55 pm on the 30th, Meteodyn’s urban wind modeling expert Guillaume Caniot will present a practical case study of the wind resource assessment of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The aim of this study is to assess wind energy production over the 640 km² of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB in Catalan) in order to set up small wind turbines to be connected to the smart grid. Buildings will create wind acceleration, recirculation areas, blocking effects. Thanks to Meteodyn Universe software suite and UrbaWind, the wind is modeled inside this complex urban canopy. The work has been commissioned by the Sustainability Plan and the Environmental Services of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Guillaume Caniot is notably the co-author of a white paper dedicated to the digital assessment of pedestrian wind comfort in complex urban environments. You can download it for free here:

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This online workshop is organized by CYTED (Programa Iberoamericano de ciencia y technología para el Desarrollo), in collaboration with Ciemat, LNEG and CER-UFPE.


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Program of the workshop


Day 1. November 29, 2022. 14:00 - 18:00 pm CET
Presentation of REGEDIS activities (in Portuguese and Spanish)



Ignacio Cruz (CIEMAT, España); Teresa Simões (LNEG, Portugal); Alexandre Costa (CER-UFPE, Brasil)


Evaluación del potencial eólico en ambientes urbanos basados en la modelación física en túnel de viento

José Cataldo (UDELAR, Uruguay)


Aplicação e validação dos modelos WAsP Engineering e Windsim na simulacação do escoamento atmosférico em ambiente urbano

Teresa Simões y Paula Costa (LNEG, Portugal)


Simulação do comportamento do vento em ambiente urbano com OpenFOAM e desenvolvimento de framework em PYTHON para automatização de processos

Leorlen Mazaira, Daniel González y Alexandre Costa (CER-UFPE, Brasil)


Instrumentación en un edificio de CEDER-CIEMAT en Soria, España

Luís Cano (CIEMAT, España)


Procedimiento de evaluación de recurso y posicionamiento de aerogenerador de eje vertical en cubierta de edificio

Iván Juárez (CIATEQ, Mexico)




Minicurso sobre la herramienta RWIND

Jorge Lassig (UNCOMA, Argentina)


Cierre del Día 1


Day 2. November 30, 2022. 14:00 - 16:30 CET
Presentation of works invited by REGEDIS (in English)



Ignacio Cruz (CIEMAT, Spain); Teresa Simões (LNEG, Portugal); Alexandre Costa (CER-UFPE, Brazil)


A multi-fidelity machine learning framework for predicting wind energy potential over a high-rise building

Anina Sarkic

(University of Luxembourg)


Challenges towards real-time urban wind forecast

Jaime Milla (NABLADOT, Spain )


Wind resource assessment of the metropolitan area of Barcelona

Guillaume Caniot (METEODYN, France)


Wind resource assessment in complex environments

Arne Gravdahl (WINDSIM, Norway)




Closure of the workshop

Ignacio Cruz (CIEMAT, Spain)

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