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Multimast tool in Meteodyn WT

Meteodyn WT - The multi-mast tool

The multi-mast tool is available in the synthesis section of the Meteodyn WT Software. It enables the use of several measurement masts and/or several LiDARS as input to the synthesis.

The objective of the Synthesis is to automatically calculate the output of wind turbines as well as all wind characteristics for a site from the following:

  • The results of directional CFD calculations carried out previously.
  • The power and thrust curves of each wind turbine.
  • The meteorological data.

The meteorological data may be provided from a meteorological mast (on site or a meteorological station nearby), a LiDAR (Windcube or ZX) or a mesoscale simulation.

Select the confidence attributed to each mast

Multimast-WTWith the "multi-mast" tool, it is possible to use several meteorological masts and / or several lidars as inputs in the synthesis to set the confidence that you place in each of them.

This function is very helpful when there are several meteorological sources available for a wind farm site over similar periods.

The tool considers the atmospheric stability from two common types of meteorological files: The time series and the statistical files as frequency matrix. These two files contain similar information; however, the time series file offers the possibility to consider variations in the atmospheric stability over time thanks to the automatic detection tool.

Meteodyn's goal is to provide a high-performance comprehensive tool which is simple to use.

The multi-mast tool will consider the atmospheric thermal stability using data from the meteorological mast for the calculation of the AEP*.
The only requirement is for the user to select a reference mast, so that the correct stability weighting table is used.

Afterwards, you may configure the confidence granted to each mast from either:

  • Weighting in function of the distance between the mast and an element to weight the influence of the mast on the element.
  • A user customized weighting by assigning a coefficient to each mast which acts as a confidence weighting.

The custom confidence weighting is particularly useful when using only one mast for some elements and a second for others. By setting the weighting to 0 for the mast to be ignored.

*Annual energy production

An example of the multi-mast tool

In the following case, it may be interesting for the group of wind turbines to the north of the site to trust the M2 measurement mast which is closer to them.

The group of wind turbines in the south is different. The user can therefore choose to consider the two masts (M1 and M2) for the 4 middle wind turbines, while turbines E10 and E09 may be fully associated with the M1 measurement mast.

Both distance and confidence weighting will be applied. The overall weighting coefficient which will be used to calculate the AEP of the synthesis will therefore be the product of the two coefficients.

With this tool, Meteodyn WT fully exploits the on-site measurements for wind energy production studies.

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