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Terrain types in IEC TR61400-12-4 standard

The new IEC TR 61400-12-4 standard: improvement of numerical flow modeling

Since June 2016, Meteodyn collaborated with other firms on the development of this new IEC standard.

Intitled “Numerical site calibration for power performance testing of wind turbines”, this new standard is part 12-4 of the TC 88 – Wind energy generation systems.

Finally, after 4 years of work, verification, validation and deliberation, the IEC standard has been published in September 2020.

Bringing together the latest advances in numerical flow modeling, its aim is to improve the industry’s practices.

What is inside?

This new Technical Report includes an overview of numerical flow simulation approaches, such as Linear, Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS), LES or Hybrid RANS/LES models. Additionally, it includes the existing guidelines for Numerical Flow Modeling Applications.

A summary of benchmarking validation tests is also included, such as the IEA Task 31 Wakebench experiments and the New European Wind Atlas Experiments including the Alaiz case. A case that Meteodyn has been working on.

Finally, all relevant technical aspects to perform flow simulations for wind energy applications are explained and the open issues are enumerated.



IEA Task 31 graph


Benchmark numerical site calibration - Alaiz Case

The benchmark on numerical site calibration now over

On September, Meteodyn launched the Alaiz benchmark on Numerical Site Calibration, to support this IEC standard working group. The site calibration validation data are provided by The National Renewable Energy Centre in Spain (CENER).

The results of this benchmark under the support of the IEA-WindTask 31 “Wakebench”, could lead to an evolution of the IEC TR 61400-12-4 standard by 2023.

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