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Croatian wind expert technical workshop - Meteodyn and EIHP

Croatia: A Wind Expert Technical Workshop given by EIHP and Meteodyn

Meteodyn and EIHP organize a 2-day free technical workshop for Croatian wind power experts, focusing on how to improve assessment to increase wind farm performance. Meteodyn Universe software suite will also be presented with hands-on exercises, and the EIHP team will present its projects and methodology.

The workshop will be held on November 23 and 24, from 9 am to 6 pm and will take place at EIHP offices, in Zagreb. Registration is mandatory.

Workshop program

November, Wednesday 23

Welcome breakfast

Meteodyn Universe CFD software suite presentation and demo

Lunch & networking

Technical “How to” session – part 1

  1. Mesoscale-Microscale coupling simulations: How to de-risk wind project in the development stage?
  2. How to determine the atmospheric thermal stability class?

Diner and social afterwork

November, Thursday 24

Welcome breakfast

Technical “How to” session – part 2

  1. How to correct LiDAR data in complex terrains? The importance of it.
  2. How to classify and use SCADA data for WRA and O&M?
  3. How to determine the effect of climate change on wind farm projects?
  4. How to perform wind resource assessment for offshore sites?
  5. How to monitor asset Real Time data & use it to improve forecast precision?

Lunch & networking

EIHP projects and methodology


Register through this link: 
Free registration and participation.





Andro Bačan, EIHP

Department Manager – Renewable energy sources, climate & env. protection


Dario Forgač, EIHP

Associate Consultant


Frank Lancelot, Meteodyn



Eric Tromeur, PhD, Meteodyn

Director of Research and Innovation Service and Expertise

Edouard Léonard

Edouard Leonard, PhD, Meteodyn

Senior Wind Engineer


Anthony Dijon, Meteodyn

Business Development Engineer


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