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WindEurope Technology Workshop – Resource Assessment & Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

Would you like to learn about the latest research advances that improve wind resource assessment and the analysis of operating wind farms?
Join us at WindEurope Technology Workshop online event from June 8 to 11!

Two of Meteodyn's researchers will be there to share their experience, present their latest insights and answer all of your questions on these two important topics.

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Resource assessment

LiDARS – vertical and scanning

On June 9, from 2:55 to 4:15 pm

Topic: Including the boundary layer stability in flow correction of complex terrain LiDAR measurements.

3 issues will be discussed during this session:

  • Flow correction: State of the art flow correction of Lidar measurements in complex terrain
  • Sensitivity analysis: Sensitivity analysis on the flow correction factor
  • Advanced methodology: New methodology using multi-stability



Stéphane SANQUER
Research manager and
Deputy General Manager, Meteodyn


Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

Poster – Analysis of operating wind farms

From June 8 to 11, PO002

Topic: Impact of atmospheric conditions to the quality of day-ahead wind power forecast using Multi-Layer Perceptron neural network

Here are some of the issues studied:

  • Artificial neuronal network for wind forecasting using TensorFlow framework
  • Improving precision of deep neural network and deep learning algorithm with airflow characteristics at mesoscale (temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc.)
  • Choice variables input optimization for AAN model

Minh-Thang DO
Data Scientist

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