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Benchmark numerical site calibration - Alaiz Case

BENCHMARK: Numerical Site Calibration – The Alaiz Case

Meteodyn is launching a benchmark on Numerical Site Calibration in support to the IEC61400-12-4 working group.

The benchmark is led under the support of the IEA-WindTask 31 “Wakebench” and in collaboration with CENER, which provided the site calibration validation data. Special thanks to Javier Sanz Rodrigo for his help and support in organizing this benchmark.

The objective of this numerical site calibration benchmark

The aim of this benchmark is to contribute to the evaluation of numerical uncertainty by determining if numerical flow models can, or not, provide reliable site calibration factors to support power performance testing in complex terrain.

For the record, a Numerical site calibration (NSC) consists on using numerical simulations to produce the so-called wind speed flow correction factor (FCF) between the reference mast and the target mast, consequently avoiding the use of a temporary met mast at a future turbine location. The combination of the permanent reference mast together with the numerical simulation results will produce the wind speed at the turbine location required by the power performance validation1.

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The participation requirements for the benchmark

Taking part on this benchmark is opened to all numerical flow models (linear, mass flow consistent, CFD-RANS, CFD-LES, WAsP, etc.).

The participants must use their own model and can contribute anonymously.

Your submission of results is expected before February 2021.

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