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Meteodyn joins the CLS group

Meteodyn joins the CLS group

At Meteodyn, our expertise in wind engineering, meteorology, and climatology allows us to support our customers and partners internationally since 2003 in the sectors of renewable energy, urban planning, and wind safety.

Today, it is our pleasure to announce that we have joined the CLS group since October 1, 2021. CLS is a subsidiary of the CNES (The French Space Agency) and of the CNP, pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth since 1986.

A natural union

CLS's mission is to study, understand, protect, and sustainably manage the resources and territories of our planet. Meteodyn's goal has always been to help its customers build a sustainable, cleaner, and safer world. We share the same values, and our similar goals are so numerous that this union feels natural.

A complete services and software offer

CLS has developed many high-precision skills, such as optical and radar satellite imagery, marine current, and vegetation mapping, all while using multisource data and combining it with 3D modeling know-how. These technologies are complementary to ours.

Together, we will offer a unique and comprehensive range of wind/solar - onshore/offshore - climate/weather products, advice and services that is unique on the market, to increase our customers and partners performance.




A consolidated international presence

By joining the CLS Group, a 900-employee company, spread over 30 sites around the world, Meteodyn also joins a strong and dynamic international team, consolidating our global presence.

We are therefore, more than ever, able to support the most ambitious projects.

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