Comparison of terrain measurements vs numerical model for every wind sectors around the forest


Modelling wind flow in forested area: a parametric study


This paper presents an analysis of CFD modelling, using a k-L turbulence model designed for forested areas.

Meteodyn and Iberdrola Renovables have undertaken a systematic analysis of measurements data obtained in numerous sites, compared with Computation Fluid Dynamic approach.

The analysis has consisted in highlighting the influence of several parameters on the shear defined as the vertical gradient of wind speed and the turbulence intensity at the wind turbine hub height.

The influence is studied according to the forest description (density, height, shape of trees) and according to modelling parameters (Turbulent length scales, Dissipation parameter). Evaluation of the error ranges on wind shear and turbulence intensity is made according to the location of the wind turbines regarding the forest.

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